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[catalogued under 9. Objects / A. Existence of Objects / 2. Abstract Objects / d. Problems with abstracta]

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Onotological outrage at such objects as the 'whereabouts of the Prime Minister' derives from the fact that we seem beggared for any convincing answer to the question 'What kind of objects are they?'

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We can't believe in a 'whereabouts' because we ask 'what kind of object is it?'


Bob Hale (Abstract Objects [1987], Ch.2.II)

Book Reference

Hale,Bob: 'Abstract Objects' [Blackwell 1987], p.27

A Reaction

I go further and ask of any object 'what is it made of?' When I receive the answer that I am being silly, and that abstract objects are not 'made' of anything, I am tempted to become sarcastic, and say 'thank you - that makes it much clearer'.