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[catalogued under 5. Theory of Logic / F. Referring in Logic / 1. Naming / d. Singular terms]

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Some examples where a definite singular noun phrase is not 'genuine' (giving ontological commitment): 'left us in the lurch'; 'for my mother's sake'; 'given the sack'; 'in the nick of time', 'the whereabouts of the PM', 'the identity of the murderer'.

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Plenty of clear examples have singular terms with no ontological commitment


Bob Hale (Abstract Objects [1987], Ch.2.II)

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Hale,Bob: 'Abstract Objects' [Blackwell 1987], p.21

A Reaction

These are not just freakish examples. If I 'go on a journey', that doesn't involve extra entities called 'journeys', just because the meaning is clearer and a more commonplace part of the language.