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[catalogued under 19. Language / A. Nature of Meaning / 6. Meaning as Use]

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Brandom develops a particular conception of 'use', according to which a sentence's use is the set of commitments and entitlements associated with public utterance of that sentence.

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The use of a sentence is its commitments and entitlements


report of Robert B. Brandom (Articulating Reasons: Intro to Inferentialism [2000]) by William Lycan - Philosophy of Language Ch.6

Book Reference

Lycan,William G.: 'Philosophy of Language' [Routledge 2000], p.97

A Reaction

It immediately strikes me that a sentence could only have commitments and entitlements if it already had a meaning. However, the case of money shows how there might be nothing more to a thing's significance than its entitlements.