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[catalogued under 12. Knowledge Sources / B. Perception / 8. Adverbial Theory]

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'Sense redly' sounds peculiar, but 'senses redly-squarely' or 'red-squarely' or 'senses redly-squarely-tablely' and other variants sound far worse.

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'Sense redly' sounds peculiar, but 'senses redly-squarely tablely' sounds far worse


Howard Robinson (Perception [1994], VII.5)

Book Reference

Robinson,Howard: 'Perception' [Routledge 2001], p.174

A Reaction

This is a comment on the adverbial theory, which is meant to replace representative theories based on sense-data. The problem is not that it sounds weird; it is that while plain red can be a mode of perception, being a table obviously can't.

Related Idea

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