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[catalogued under 12. Knowledge Sources / A. A Priori Knowledge / 9. A Priori from Concepts]

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A priori knowledge of logic and mathematics cannot derive from meanings or concepts, because someone may possess such concepts, and yet disagree with us about them.

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Meanings and concepts cannot give a priori knowledge, because they may be unacceptable


Paul Horwich (Stipulation, Meaning and Apriority [2000], 12)

Book Reference

'New Essays on the A Priori', ed/tr. Boghossian,P /Peacocke,C [OUP 2000], p.169

A Reaction

A good argument. The thing to focus on is not whether such ideas are a priori, but whether they are knowledge. I think we should employ the word 'intuition' for a priori candidates for knowledge, and demand further justification for actual knowledge.