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[catalogued under 7. Existence / D. Theories of Reality / 10. Vagueness / c. Vagueness as ignorance]

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The simplest approach to vagueness is to retain classical logic and semantics. Borderline cases are either true or false, but we don't know which, and, despite appearances, vague predicates have well-defined extensions. Vagueness is ignorance.

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The simplest approach, that vagueness is just ignorance, retains classical logic and semantics


R Keefe / P Smith (Intro: Theories of Vagueness [1997], 1)

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'Vagueness: a Reader', ed/tr. Keefe,R /Smith,P [MIT 1999], p.6

A Reaction

It seems to me that you must have a rather unhealthy attachment to the logicians' view of the world to take this line. It is the passion of the stamp collector, to want everything in sets, with neatly labelled properties, and inference lines marked out.