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[catalogued under 7. Existence / D. Theories of Reality / 7. Fictionalism]

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It is not that the contents of sentences are inexpressible without quantifying over events, worlds, etc. (they aren't). But the logical relations become much more tractable if we represent them quantificationally.

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We quantify over events, worlds, etc. in order to make logical possibilities clearer


Stephen Yablo (Apriority and Existence [2000], 13)

Book Reference

'New Essays on the A Priori', ed/tr. Boghossian,P /Peacocke,C [OUP 2000], p.218

A Reaction

Yablo is explaining why we find ourselves committed to abstract objects. It is essentially, as I am beginning to suspect, a conspiracy of logicians. What on earth is 'the empty set' when it is at home? What's it made of?