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[catalogued under 18. Thought / E. Abstraction / 8. Abstractionism Critique]

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The way counting is learned is wholly contrary to abstractionist preconceptions, because the series of numerals has to be learned before it can be applied.

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Abstractionists can't explain counting, because it must precede experience of objects


Peter Geach (Mental Acts: their content and their objects [1957], 8)

Book Reference

Geach,Peter: 'Mental Acts: Their content and their objects' [RKP 1971], p.30

A Reaction

You might learn to parrot the names of numbers, but you could hardly know what they meant if you couldn't count anything. See Idea 3907. I would have thought that individuating objects must logically and pedagogically precede counting.

Related Idea

Idea 3907 Could you be intellectually acquainted with numbers, but unable to count objects? [Scruton]