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[catalogued under 26. Natural Theory / C. Causation / 8. Particular Causation / b. Causal relata]

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Not all singular causal statements are of Davidson's event-event type. Many involve conditions, so there are condition-event (weakness/collapse), event-condition (explosion/movement), and condition-condition (hot/warming) causal connections.

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Davidson can't explain causation entirely by events, because conditions are also involved


Keith Campbell (The Metaphysic of Abstract Particulars [1981], 3)

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'Properties', ed/tr. Mellor,D.H. /Oliver,A [OUP 1997], p.129

A Reaction

Fans of Davidson need to reduce conditions to events. The problem of individuation keeps raising its head. Davidson makes it depend on description. Kim looks good, because events, and presumably conditions, reduce to something small and precise.