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There is no point in wondering whether Descartes' Cogito is right or wrong. Is it necessary "to begin", and, if so, is it necessary to start from the point of view of a subjective certainty? Can thought be the verb of an I? There is no direct answer.

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We cannot judge the Cogito. Must we begin? Must we start from certainty? Can 'I' relate to thought?


G Deleuze / F Guattari (What is Philosophy? [1991], 1.1)

Book Reference

Deleuze/Guattari: 'What is Philosophy?' [Verso 1994], p.27

A Reaction

A nice first sentence for a work of philosophy would be "It is necessary to begin". Is the Cogito the only idea that is beyond judgement? I fear a slippery slope here, which would paralyse all of our judgements - and would therefore be ridiculous.