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[catalogued under 15. Nature of Minds / B. Features of Minds / 1. Consciousness / f. Higher-order thought]

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Dispositional Higher-Order judgeability will be present in some cases which the empirical methodology catalogues as not conscious (as when a subject denies having heard a sound, or seen a bird).

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Higher-order judgements may be possible where the subject denies having been conscious


David Papineau (Thinking about Consciousness [2002], 7.13)

Book Reference

Papineau,David: 'Thinking about Consciousness' [OUP 2004], p.212

A Reaction

(This attacks Idea 7887) This confirms my intuition, that we can be quite unconscious of things which can still be recalled at a later date. Of course, one could always challenge the reliability of the subject's report in such a case.

Related Idea

Idea 7887 States are conscious if they could be the subject of higher-order mental judgements [Papineau]