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In continental philosophy there is a pernicious tendency to explain everything in terms of 'one big thing', such as the 'death drive' (Freud), 'being' (Heidegger), 'the real' (Lacan), 'power' (Foucault), 'the other' (Levinas), or 'différance' (Derrida).

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Continental philosophy has a bad tendency to offer 'one big thing' to explain everything


Simon Critchley (Interview with Baggini and Stangroom [2001], p.197)

Book Reference

Baggini,J/Stangroom,J: 'New British Philosophy' [Routledge 2002], p.197

A Reaction

From a fan of this type of philosophy, this is a refreshing remark, because if pinpoints a very off-putting feature. Each of these 'big things' should be up for question, not offered as axiomatic assumptions that explain everything else.