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[catalogued under 17. Mind and Body / D. Property Dualism / 2. Anomalous Monism]

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There are many psychophysical laws, linking sensations to non-mental features of those who have them; the industries of anaesthetics, scents, narcotics, sweeteners, coloured paints, loudspeakers and soft cushions depend on them.

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There are many psychophysicals laws - about the effects of sweets, colours and soft cushions


DH Mellor / T Crane (There is no question of physicalism [1990], p.198)

Book Reference

'Mind vol.XCIX 1990', ed/tr. Blackburn,Simon [OUP 1990], p.198

A Reaction

It may be expressing it a little strongly to call these 'laws', but they are certainly reliable regularities, and they are probably enough to undermine Davidson's claim that such laws don't exist.