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The four standard reasons for preferring indirect to direct realism are introspection of our mental processes, the time-lag argument, the argument from illusion, and the findings of neuroscience.


The time-lag is the time taken for light etc. to reach our senses

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Indirect realism depends on introspection, the time-lag, illusions, and neuroscience


report of Jonathan Dancy (Intro to Contemporary Epistemology [1985], 10.4) by PG - Db (ideas)

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Dancy,Jonathan: 'Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology' [Blackwell 1985], p.152

A Reaction

Ultimately one's views about realism depend on one's views of the mind/brain, and it is the last of the four reasons that sways me. We know enough about the complexity of the brain to accept that it represents reality, with no additional ontology.