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[catalogued under 16. Persons / C. Self-Awareness / 3. Limits of Introspection]

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One can identify an object in a mirror as oneself, but that brings with it the possibility of misidentification, so since introspective awareness statements are immune to error, one is not introspectively aware of oneself as an object.

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We can't introspect ourselves as objects, because that would involve possible error


Quassim Cassam (Introduction to 'Self-Knowledge' [1994], žI)

Book Reference

'Self-Knowledge', ed/tr. Cassam,Quassim [OUP 1994], p.10

A Reaction

As a pure argument this looks weak. There could be two sorts of knowledge of objects, one admitting possible error, the other not. Introspecting pain appears to be awareness of oneself as an object. Planning my future needs my body.