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'Dispositional' properties involve behaviour, and 'categorical properties' are structures in two or more dimensions. 'Block' structures (e.g. molecules) depend on other things, and 'instrinsic' structures (e.g. fields) involve no separate parts.

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Properties are 'dispositional', or 'categorical' (the latter as 'block' or 'intrinsic' structures)


report of Brian Ellis (The Philosophy of Nature: new essentialism [2002], Ch.4) by PG - Db (ideas)

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Ellis,Brian: 'The Philosophy of Nature: new essentialism' [Acumen 2002], p.68

A Reaction

This is an essentialist approach to properties, and sounds correct to me. The crucial preliminary step to understanding properties is to eliminate secondary qualities (e.g. colour), which are not properties at all, and cause confusion.