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Libet concluded that the cerebral initiation of a spontaneous, freely voluntary act can begin unconsciously, that is, before there is any recallable awareness that a decision to act has already been initiated cerebrally.


That is, the brain decides before the mind is aware of deciding

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Brains can initiate free actions before the person is aware of their own decision


G Edelman / G Tononi (Consciousness: matter becomes imagination [2000], Ch. 6)

Book Reference

Edelman,G/Tononi,G: 'Consciousness: how matter becomes imagination' [Penguin 2000], p.69

A Reaction

We should accept this result. 'Free will' was always a bogus metaphysical concept (invented, I think, because God had to be above natural laws). A person is the source of responsibility, and is the controller of the brain, but not entirely conscious.