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It seems that after a massive stroke or surgical resection, a conscious human being is rapidly "resynthesised" or reunified within the limits of a solipsistic universe that, to outside appearances, is warped and restricted.


A 'solipsistic' world is (here) a deeply private one

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A conscious human being rapidly reunifies its mind after any damage to the brain


G Edelman / G Tononi (Consciousness: matter becomes imagination [2000], Ch. 3)

Book Reference

Edelman,G/Tononi,G: 'Consciousness: how matter becomes imagination' [Penguin 2000], p.29

A Reaction

Note that there are two types of 'unity of mind'. This comment refers to the unity of seeing oneself as a single person, rather than the smooth unbroken quality of conscious experience. I presume that there is no point in a mind without the first unity.