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[catalogued under 8. Modes of Existence / E. Nominalism / 6. Mereological Nominalism]

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Mereological Nominalism has some plausibility for a case like whiteness, but breaks down completely for other universals, such as squareness.


'Mereological' means explaining relationships between parts and whotes

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'Mereological Nominalism' may work for whiteness, but it doesn't seem to work for squareness


David M. Armstrong (Universals [1995], p.503)

Book Reference

'A Companion to Metaphysics', ed/tr. Kim,Jaegwon/Sosa,Ernest [Blackwell 1995], p.503

A Reaction

A delightful request that you attempt a hopeless feat of imagination, by seeing all squares as parts of one supreme square. A nice objection.