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[catalogued under 13. Knowledge Criteria / A. Justification Problems / 2. Justification Challenges / a. Agrippa's trilemma]

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There are four possible kinds of epistemic chain: infinite and unanchored, circular and unanchored, anchored in a belief which is not knowledge, and anchored in a belief which is bedrock knowledge.

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Justification is either unanchored (infinite or circular), or anchored (in knowledge or non-knowledge)


Robert Audi (Epistemology: contemporary introduction [1998], VII p.183)

Book Reference

Audi,Robert: 'Epistemology: a contemporary introduction' [Routledge 1998], p.183

A Reaction

About right, though I don't think 'chain' is the right word for what is proposed if justification is to be coherent. The justifications float like lilies in the pond of reason, and a Self (Monet?) seems needed to assess the picture