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[catalogued under 16. Persons / C. Self-Awareness / 4. Errors in Introspection]

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We can have false beliefs, or some degree of ignorance, about our own mental lives. For example, about our own dispositions, such as not believing that we have a certain ignoble desire.

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We can be ignorant about ourselves, for example, our desires and motives


Robert Audi (Epistemology: contemporary introduction [1998], III p.83)

Book Reference

Audi,Robert: 'Epistemology: a contemporary introduction' [Routledge 1998], p.83

A Reaction

This idea, that we don't know ourselves, has become a commonplace of recent philosophy, but I am unconvinced. Mostly we know only too well that we harbour a base desire, and we feel a creeping sense of shame. Total ignorance is very rare.