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[catalogued under 27. Natural Reality / D. Time / 2. Passage of Time / g. Time's arrow]

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A series can be ordered without being directed (such as the series of integers), …but the passage of time indicates a preferred direction, moving from earlier to later events, and never the other way around.

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An ordered series can be undirected, but time favours moving from earlier to later


Robin Le Poidevin (Travels in Four Dimensions [2003], 12 'Hidden')

Book Reference

Le Poidevin,Robin: 'Travels in Four Dimensions' [OUP 2003], p.205

A Reaction

I wonder what 'preferred' means here? It is not just memory versus anticipation. The saddest words in the English language are 'Too late!'. It is absurd to say that being too late is an illusion.