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The political philosophy represented in Anarchy, State and Utopia ignored the importance of joint and official symbolic statement and expression of our social ties and concern, and hence (I have written) is inadequate.

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My Anarchy, State and Utopia neglected our formal social ties and concerns


comment on Robert Nozick (Anarchy,State, and Utopia [1974], p.32) by Robert Nozick - The Nature of Rationality p.32

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Nozick,Robert: 'The Nature of Rationality' [Princeton 1995], p.32

A Reaction

In other words, it was far too individualistic, and neglected community, even though it has become the sacred text for libertarian individualism. Do any Nozick fans care about this recantation?

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Idea 18643 A minimal state should protect, but a state forcing us to do more is unjustified [Nozick]