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If we show respect to our own animal natures, it is simply inconsistent, and a kind of vicious self-promoting of a sort to which Kantians are especially opposed, to refuse the same respect to our fellow creatures.

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We should respect animals in the way that we respect the animal nature in humans


Martha Nussbaum (Creating Capabilities [2011], 8)

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Nussbaum,Martha C.: 'Creating Capabilities' [Belknap Harvard 2013], p.161

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Nussbaum says Kant is hopeless on animals, but Christine Korsgaard offers this Kantian approach that demands genuine respect for animals, even though they are not considered rational. Nussbaum says animals are agents. Did Kant respect our animality?

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Idea 21022 The Capabilities Approach sees animals as agents, not just as having feelings [Nussbaum]