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[catalogued under 23. Ethics / E. Utilitarianism / 2. Ideal of Pleasure]

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Most utilitarians now think that pleasure, even if construed widely, is not the only thing desirable in itself. ...Goods also include important knowledge, friendship, autonomy, achievement and so on.

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Modern utilitarians value knowledge, friendship, autonomy, and achievement, as well as pleasure


Brad W. Hooker (Rule Utilitarianism and Euthanasia [1997], 2)

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'Ethics in Practice (2nd Ed)', ed/tr. LaFollette,Hugh [Blackwell 2002], p.23

A Reaction

That pleasure is desired is empirically verifiable, which certainly motivated Bentham. A string of other desirables each needs to be justified - but how? What would be the value of a 'friendship' if neither party got pleasure from it?