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I begin with the ontological premise that the state is a limitation on human existence. I am against the state, law, bureaucracy, and capital. I see anarchism as the only desirable way of organising, politically. ...Its political form is federalist.

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The state, law, bureaucracy and capital are limitations on life, so I prefer federalist anarchism


Simon Critchley (Impossible Objects: interviews [2012], 3)

Book Reference

Critchley,Simon: 'Impossible Objects: interviews' [Politty 2012], p.50

A Reaction

Hm. Some sympathy, but caution. All systems, even federalist anarchism, are limitations on our lives, so which limitations do we prefer? The law aspires to a calm egalitarian neutrality, which seems promising to me.

Related Idea

Idea 20452 Anarchism used to be libertarian (especially for sexuality), but now concerns responsibility [Critchley]