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For Levinas, Marxism is the absorption of the ethical in the socioeconomic, and so it is the disappearance of the face-to-face relation and the privileging of relations of solidarity and anonymous sociality, which he calls 'socialism'.

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Levinas says Marxism is the replacement of individualist ethics, by solidarity and sociality


report of Emmanuel Levinas (works [1956]) by Simon Critchley - Impossible Objects: interviews 1

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Critchley,Simon: 'Impossible Objects: interviews' [Politty 2012], p.10

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Startling, if you are not used to this sort of thing. If you are in trouble, I should help you, not because you are you, or a human being, but because you are a member of my group? So what about the Good Samaritan? Or solidarity with humanity? Animals?