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The idea that negation is, or can be, a cancellation device raises an interesting question. What does one do to wipe the slate clean after an improper assertion? Not-A is too strong; it reverses our stand on A rather than nullifying it.

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Not-A is too strong to just erase an improper assertion, because it actually reverses A


Stephen Yablo (Aboutness [2014], 09.8)

Book Reference

Yablo,Stephen: 'Aboutness' [Princeton 2014], p.162

A Reaction

[He is discussing a remark of Strawson 1952] It seems that 'not' has two meanings or uses: a weak use of 'nullifying' an assertion, and a strong use of 'reversing' an assertion. One could do both: 'that's not right; in fact, it's just the opposite'.