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Contemplation, as Aristotle understand it, is not research or inquiry, but an activity that ensues on these: an activity that consists in understanding.

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For Aristotle, contemplation consists purely of understanding


Christine M. Korsgaard (Aristotle and Kant on the Source of Value [1986], 8 'Aristotle')

Book Reference

Korsgaard,Christine M.: 'Creating the Kingdom of Ends' [CUP 1996], p.229

A Reaction

Fairly obvious, when you read the last part of 'Ethics', but helpful in grasping Aristotle, because understanding is the objective of 'Posterior Analytics' and 'Metaphysics', so he tells you how to achieve the ideal moral state.

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Idea 543 All men long to understand, as shown by their delight in the senses [Aristotle]

Idea 12038 Translate as 'humans all desire by nature to understand' (not as 'to know') [Aristotle, by Annas]