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We are considering that there is something in ravens, a gene perhaps, that makes them black, and this cause is part of the essence of ravens. Birds lacking this cause could not interbreed with ravens.

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If something in ravens makes them black, it may be essential (definitive of ravens)


Peter Lipton (Inference to the Best Explanation (2nd) [2004], 05 'Unsuitable')

Book Reference

Lipton,Peter: 'Inference to the Best Explanation (2nd ed)' [Routledge 2004], p.97

A Reaction

At last, the essentialist approach to induction! Of course, it is tricky to decide a priori whether there could be albino ravens. It only takes one white (interbreeding) raven to ruin a nice essentialist story. Individuals matter.

Related Idea

Idea 15287 The possibility that all ravens are black is a law depends on a mechanism producing the blackness [Harré/Madden]