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[catalogued under 10. Modality / E. Possible worlds / 3. Transworld Objects / d. Haecceitism]

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The anti-haecceitist strategy holds that a purely qualitative characterisation of a possible world would be a complete characterisation; there is, on this view, nothing to being a particular individual other than meeting certain qualitative conditions.

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Anti-haecceitism says there is no more to an individual than meeting some qualitative conditions


Robert C. Stalnaker (Mere Possibilities [2012], 3)

Book Reference

Stalnaker,Robert C.: 'Mere Possibilities' [Princeton 2012], p.52

A Reaction

Not quite the same as the bundle theory of objects, which says the objects are the qualities. This is about individuation, not about ontology (I think). I don't like anti-haecceitism, but I also don't like haecceitism. Hmm.