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[catalogued under 10. Modality / E. Possible worlds / 2. Nature of Possible Worlds / a. Nature of possible worlds]

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I prefer to think of the possible worlds not as points in logical space but as cells of a relatively fine-grained partition of logical space - a partition that makes all the distinctions we need.

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I think of worlds as cells (rather than points) in logical space


Robert C. Stalnaker (Mere Possibilities [2012], 1.2)

Book Reference

Stalnaker,Robert C.: 'Mere Possibilities' [Princeton 2012], p.13

A Reaction

Since he regards possible worlds as simply a means of regimenting our understanding of modality, he can think of possible worlds in any way that suits him. I find it hard work tuning in to his vision.

Related Idea

Idea 16444 Possible worlds don't reduce modality, they regiment it to reveal its structure [Stalnaker]