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[catalogued under 10. Modality / C. Sources of Modality / 2. Necessity as Primitive]

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My view is that if there were a nonmodal analysis of the modal concepts, that would be a sure sign that we were on the wrong track. Necessity and possibility are fundamental concepts, like truth and existence.

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Necessity and possibility are fundamental, and there can be no reductive analysis of them


Robert C. Stalnaker (Mere Possibilities [2012], 1.1)

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Stalnaker,Robert C.: 'Mere Possibilities' [Princeton 2012], p.4

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The mystery of modality is tied up with the mystery of time (which is a very big mystery indeed). You get a nice clear grip on the here and now, but time and motion whisk you away to something else. Modality concerns the something else.

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Idea 16444 Possible worlds don't reduce modality, they regiment it to reveal its structure [Stalnaker]