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[catalogued under 16. Persons / D. Continuity of the Self / 3. Reference of 'I']

Full Idea

Each person uses the first person pronoun to refer to himself, and in such a way that its reference (Bedeutung) is to himself and its intention (Sinn) is his own individual essence.

Gist of Idea

People use 'I' to refer to themselves, with the meaning of their own individual essence


Roderick Chisholm (Person and Object [1976], 1.5)

Book Reference

Chisholm,Roderick: 'Person and Object' [Open Court 1976], p.36

A Reaction

I think this is exactly right, and may be the basis of the way we essentialise in our understanding of the rest of reality. I have a strong notion of what is essential in me and what is not.