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[catalogued under 16. Persons / B. Nature of the Self / 3. Self as Non-physical]

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What picks me out uniquely, without relating me to some other being? It can only be the property of 'being me' or 'being identical with myself', which can only be an individual essence or haecceity, a property I cannot fail to have.

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I am picked out uniquely by my individual essence, which is 'being identical with myself'


Roderick Chisholm (Person and Object [1976], 1.5)

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Chisholm,Roderick: 'Person and Object' [Open Court 1976], p.33

A Reaction

Only a philosopher (and a modern analytic one at that) would imagine that this was some crucial insight into how we know our own identities.

Related Idea

Idea 15807 A haecceity is a property had necessarily, and strictly confined to one entity [Chisholm]