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We must distinguish between what we are committed to existing in the actual world or a possible world ('ontology'), and what we are committed to as a part of our ways of dealing with the world conceptually, as a part of our conceptual system ('ideology').

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Our commitments are to an 'ontology', but also to an 'ideology', or conceptual system


Jaakko Hintikka (Semantics for Propositional Attitudes [1969], p.95), quoted by William Lycan - The Trouble with Possible Worlds 02

Book Reference

'The Possible and the Actual', ed/tr. Loux,Michael J. [Cornell 1979], p.280

A Reaction

I think this is the most illuminating idea I have read on the subject of ontological commitment. I'm fighting for the idea that what we think is true should be kept separate from what we think exists. Ideology is a nice addition to the mix.

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Idea 15786 Commitment to possible worlds is part of our ideology, not part of our ontology [Hintikka]