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[catalogued under 9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 9. Essence and Properties]

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There is a tendency to think of essential properties as having some characteristic in addition to their necessity, such as intrinsicality.

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Maybe essential properties have to be intrinsic, as well as necessary?


Alan McMichael (The Epistemology of Essentialist Claims [1986], VIII)

Book Reference

'Midwest Studs XI:Essentialism', ed/tr. French,Uehling,Wettstein [Minnesota 1986], p.50

A Reaction

Personally I am inclined to take this view of all properties, and not just the 'essential' ones. General necessities, relations, categorisations, disjunctions etc. should not be called 'properties', even if they are 'predicates'. Huge confusion results.