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[catalogued under 9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 15. Against Essentialism]

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Essentialism entails the existence of necessary singular propositions that are not instances of necessary generalizations. Therefore, since there are no such propositions, essentialism is false.

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Essentialism is false, because it implies the existence of necessary singular propositions


Alan McMichael (The Epistemology of Essentialist Claims [1986], I)

Book Reference

'Midwest Studs XI:Essentialism', ed/tr. French,Uehling,Wettstein [Minnesota 1986], p.35

A Reaction

This summarises the attack which McMichael wishes to deal with. I am wickedly tempted to say that essences actually have a contingent existence (or a merely hypothetical dependent necessity), and this objection might be grist for my mill.