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Two-dimensionalism is a fundamentally anti-Kripkean attempt to reinstate descriptivism about names and natural kind terms, to reconnect necessity and apriority to analyticity, and return philosophy to analytic paradigms of its golden age.

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Two-dimensionalism reinstates descriptivism, and reconnects necessity and apriority to analyticity


Scott Soames (Significance of the Kripkean Nec A Posteriori [2006], p.183)

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Soames,Scott: 'Philosophical Essays 2:Significance of Language' [Princeton 2009], p.183

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I presume this is right, and it is so frustrating that you need Soames to spell it out, when Chalmers is much more low-key. Philosophers hate telling you what their real game is. Why is that?

Related Idea

Idea 13966 Analytic philosophy loved the necessary a priori analytic, linguistic modality, and rigour [Soames]