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The golden age of analytic philosophy (mid 20th c) was when necessary, a priori and analytic were one, all possibility was linguistic possibility, and the linguistic turn gave philosophy a respectable subject matter (language), and precision and rigour.

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Analytic philosophy loved the necessary a priori analytic, linguistic modality, and rigour


Scott Soames (Significance of the Kripkean Nec A Posteriori [2006], p.166)

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Soames,Scott: 'Philosophical Essays 2:Significance of Language' [Princeton 2009], p.166

A Reaction

Gently sarcastic, because Soames is part of the team who have put a bomb under this view, and quite right too. Personally I think the biggest enemy in all of this lot is not 'language' but 'rigour'. A will-o-the-wisp philosophers dream of.