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[catalogued under 9. Objects / E. Objects over Time / 7. Intermittent Objects]

Full Idea

Chisholm poses the problem of intermittence with the case of a toy fort which is built from toy bricks, taken apart, and then reassembled with the same bricks in the same position.

Gist of Idea

Intermittence is seen in a toy fort, which is dismantled then rebuilt with the same bricks


report of Roderick Chisholm (Person and Object [1976], p.90) by Peter Simons - Parts 5.3

Book Reference

Simons,Peter: 'Parts: a Study in Ontology' [OUP 1987], p.188

A Reaction

You could strengthen the case, or the problem, by using those very bricks to build a ship during the interval. Or building a fort with a different design. Most people would be happy to say that same object (token) has been rebuilt.