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[catalogued under 8. Modes of Existence / B. Properties / 11. Properties as Sets]

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To regard properties as sets of individuals, and relations as sets of ordered individuals, is to make a nonsense of the whole idea of discovering a new property or relationship. Sets are defined or constructed, not discovered.

Gist of Idea

Properties and relations are discovered, so they can't be mere sets of individuals


Brian Ellis (The Metaphysics of Scientific Realism [2009], 2)

Book Reference

Ellis,Brian: 'The Metaphysics of Scientific Realism' [Acument 2009], p.44

A Reaction

This bizarre view of properties (as sets) drives me crazy, until it dawns on you that they are just using the word 'property' in a different way, probably coextensively with 'predicate', in order to make the logic work.