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[catalogued under 19. Language / A. Nature of Meaning / 6. Meaning as Use]

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(Nonsolipsistic) conceptual role semantics is a version of the theory that meaning is use, where the basic use is taken to be in calculation, not in communication, and where concepts are treated as symbols in a 'language of thought'.

Gist of Idea

Take meaning to be use in calculation with concepts, rather than in communication


Gilbert Harman ((Nonsolipsistic) Conceptual Role Semantics [1987], 12.1.1)

Book Reference

Harman,Gilbert: 'Reasoning Meaning and Mind' [OUP 1999], p.207

A Reaction

The idea seems to be to connect the highly social Wittgensteinian view of language with the reductive physicalist account of how brains generate concepts. Interesting, thought I never like meaning-as-use.