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[catalogued under 26. Natural Theory / D. Laws of Nature / 11. Against Laws of Nature]

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What powers there are does not depend on what laws there are, but vice versa, what laws obtain in the world is a function of what powers are to be found in that world.

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The laws of nature depend on the powers, not the other way round


George Molnar (Powers [1998], 1.4.5)

Book Reference

Molnar,George: 'Powers: a study in metaphysics', ed/tr. Mumford,Stephen [OUP 2003], p.41

A Reaction

This old idea may well be the most important realisation of modern times. I take the 'law' view to be based on a religious view of the world (see Idea 5470). There is still room to believe in a divine creator of the bewildering underlying powers.

Related Idea

Idea 5470 The idea of laws of nature arose in the Middle Ages [Hall,AR, by Ellis]