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[catalogued under 18. Thought / E. Abstraction / 7. Abstracta by Equivalence]

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A sentence invites recarving iff it will then do better justice to the internal structure of its content and/or its implication relations.


'Recarving' is finding a new concept by equivalence

Gist of Idea

A sentence should be recarved to reveal its content or implication relations


Stephen Yablo (Carving Content at the Joints [2002], 11)

Book Reference

Yablo,Stephen: 'Things: Philosophical Papers vol. 2' [OUP 2010], p.266

A Reaction

This invites human intervention in a logical process (by choosing which recarvings to do, instead of allowing all equivalences to generate them). He seems to think we should abstract in order to reveal logical form.