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One might meet the 'Van Inwagen Problem' by saying that the intrinsic properties of the object playing the role of 2 will differ from one model to another, so that no statement about the intrinsic properties of 'the' real numbers will make sense.


See Idea 10188 for the Van Ingwagen Problem

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There is no one relation for the real number 2, as relations differ in different models


John P. Burgess (Review of Chihara 'Struct. Accnt of Maths' [2005], 5)

A Reaction

There seems to be a potential confusion among opponents of structuralism between relations at the level of actual mathematical operations, and generalisations about relations, which are captured in the word 'patterns'. Call them 'meta-relations'?

Related Idea

Idea 10188 How can mathematical relations be either internal, or external, or intrinsic? [Burgess]