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[catalogued under 3. Truth / F. Semantic Truth / 1. Tarski's Truth / b. Satisfaction and truth]

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Axioms specify how each unstructured predicate is satisfied by a particular sequence. Then recursive axioms characterise complex sentences built from simpler ones. Closed sentences have no free variables, so true sentences are satisfied by all sequences.

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Axioms spell out sentence satisfaction. With no free variables, all sequences satisfy the truths


Donald Davidson (Truth and Predication [2005], 7)

Book Reference

Davidson,Donald: 'Truth and Predication' [Belknap Harvard 2005], p.160

A Reaction

I take 'all sequences' to mean all combinations of objects in the domain. Thus nothing in domain contradicts the satisfied sentences. Hence Tarski's truth is said to be 'true in a model', where the whole system vouches for the sentence.

Related Ideas

Idea 19175 Tarski gave axioms for satisfaction, then derived its explicit definition, which led to defining truth [Tarski, by Davidson]

Idea 19191 Specify satisfaction for simple sentences, then compounds; true sentences are satisfied by all objects [Tarski]