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[catalogued under 26. Natural Theory / C. Causation / 8. Particular Causation / c. Conditions of causation]

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There are four causal connections: an event is sufficient for another if it is its cause; an event is necessary for another if it is a condition for it; it is necessitated by another if it is an effect; it is contingent upon another if it is a resultant.

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Causes are either sufficient, or necessary, or necessitated, or contingent upon


Curt Ducasse (Nature and Observability of Causal Relations [1926], 2)

Book Reference

'Causation', ed/tr. Sosa,E. /Tooley,M. [OUP 1993], p.126

A Reaction

An event could be a condition for another without being necessary. He seems to have missed the indispensable aspect of a necessary condition.