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The ground for thinking that qualia are only experiences because they relate to a unifying subject is that they have to be identified, by being brought under concepts, and giving rise to judgements which usually go beyond them.


'Qualia' are raw unprocessed experiences

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Qualia must be united by a subject, because they lead to concepts and judgements


A.J. Ayer (The Central Questions of Philosophy [1973], §VI.B)

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Ayer,A.J.: 'The Central Questions of Philosophy' [Penguin 1976], p.118

A Reaction

Thus one of Hume's greatest fans gives the clearest objection to Hume. It strikes me as a very powerful objection, better than anything Carruthers offers (1394,1395,1396). The conceptual element is very hard to disentangle from the qualia.

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