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[catalogued under 19. Language / A. Nature of Meaning / 5. Meaning as Verification]

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A statement is directly verifiable if it is either itself an observation-statement,or is such that in conjunction with one or more observation-statements it entails at least one observation-statement which is not deducible from these other premises alone.

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Directly verifiable statements must entail at least one new observation statement


A.J. Ayer (Introduction to 'Language Truth and Logic' [1946], p.17)

Book Reference

Ayer,A.J.: 'Language, Truth and Logic' [Penguin 1974], p.17

A Reaction

This is the 1946 revised version of the Verification Principle, which was then torpedoed by an elaborate counterexample from Alonzo Church. Ayer thereafter abandoned attempts to find a precise statement of it.